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Soule 2 Soule

My body is healthy, My mind is brilliant ; My soul is tranquil

Natural Soap and Flowers

Who We Are

Created in 2018, Soule II Soule was inspired by my personal journey to self-love through self-care. Before my mother passed, I watched her run her own holistic/natural hair salon & spa and learned the importance of delivering products that not only smelled good but made you feel good as well.
As a survivor of domestic violence, I have learned how to embrace self-care in a way that is almost therapeutic. There is something about taking time out of your day and doing something just for you that feels like a victory when you are a mother, wife, just trying to conquer it all.
Through my training and experience as a licensed esthetician as well as my studies to become a certified corporate wellness specialist, I am well versed in the power of simple and natural skincare ingredients.
Soule II Soule is not just a business, it is a community. My goal is to inspire and teach everyone that it is not only okay but necessary to find time for yourselves and that can start with simply “building your self-confidence through skincare.”

Products You’ll Love


Sugar Scrub

Brown sugar scrub is formulated to remove dry and flaking skin effectively. Our scrub softens and conditions skin with all natural brown sugar cane, sea salt, lotion and botanical oils. For extra dry skin conditions.

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